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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will I be notified how much the shipment is and how much my credit card will be charged ahead of finalizing?

A1: Yes! An email will be sent out approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your club processing with the option to customize your shipment which will determine the cost. The 3-bottle Club will range between $155 to $240 and the 6-bottle Club between $270 to $450 plus tax and shipping. If you have any questions, you can always email us at 1845club@mysticcirclenapa.com and one of our club experience team members will get back to you.

Q2: Can members decline the charge ahead of the order being finalized since the total cost of the shipment may change based on the wines available?

A2: Yes! There is no long-term commitment to join the wine club and you can cancel your club membership prior to any shipment without being charged, except for the one-time $50 deposit of your first shipment.

Q3: Does the $50 fee serve as a contract for the shipments?

A3: No. The $50 deposit is to secure your first allocation and seniority number in the wine club. This deposit will be deducted from the cost of your first shipment. If you decide to cancel your membership prior to the inaugural shipment, this deposit will be forfeited. However, you have no obligation to purchase the inaugural shipment or future shipments.

Q4: If I indicate my wine preference, will I only receive that kind of wine?

A4: No, you will not be receiving these wines in your club shipment. We are simply interested in knowing our club members’ wine preferences for potential future releases.

Q5: What is meant by full customization for the Club?

A5: For both 6-bottle and 3-bottle club members, you have the ability to choose how many bottles of the varietals being released you want in your wooden crate, based on options presented and availability. Regardless of the wine package in the wooden crate you choose, you will also be able to purchase additional wines included or not included in your package or library wines offered. Our goal is to provide customization so you can enjoy the varietals you love.

Q6: When are the wine club shipments?

A6: Wine club members will receive two club shipments a year. Between these bi-annual core shipments, you will have access to a private member website to purchase additional bottles for your own enjoyment or to send as special gifts packages to friends and family. We also plan to have special limited releases available throughout the year that you will have exclusive access to but under no requirement to purchase.

Q7: How many bottles are in each club shipment?

A7: Each club shipment will be a minimum of three bottles or six bottles depending on the club level you choose. You will have the option to add additional wines to be shipped in a separate box. Outside of the core club shipments, as a club member, you have access to order additional wine or send special wine gifts packages to friends and family by logging into the private member portal on our website.

Q8: Can I get less than three or six bottles in a club shipment?

A8: No. All club shipments have a minimum of three or six bottles per shipment depending on the club level you choose.

Q9: What is the seniority number?

A9: Club seniority numbers are assigned based on your sign-up date. The sooner you sign up for a membership, the better your seniority number will be. All 6-bottle club members will have higher seniority than all 3-bottle club members.

Q10: What are the benefits of having a lower seniority number in the wine club, and how does it affect my access to limited production wines and exclusive events?

A10:  Our wine collection is specially made for Alpha Sigma Phi and is limited in production. Core club wines and special releases will be allocated to club members with the lowest seniority numbers first.

We will also be holding special events at the winery and elsewhere and exclusive invitations to these events will be offered to members with the lowest seniority number first as well (following health and safety guidelines).

If you are a member of our wine club, you will have access to the amazing wines, but the seniority numbers will help manage the allocation of vintages that are in limited supply and invitations available to the special events.

Q11: Once I sign up for a membership, do I need to sign-up again to receive future shipments?

A11: No, once you sign-up for membership in our wine club, you are a member for life and retain your seniority unless you cancel.

Q12: Am I awarded any loyalty points for signing up for a wine club?

A12: Absolutely! New members creating an account after the spring of 2024 are warmly welcomed with 1,000 loyalty points, automatically credited to your account as a thank you for joining us.

Q13: Can I use my loyalty points for the complete total of my order?

A13: You can use your loyalty points to cover up to 70% of your order’s subtotal. Please note that points cannot be applied towards taxes, shipping fees, or club shipments.

Q14: Do loyalty points expire?

A14: Your points are timeless and will remain active as long as your wine club membership is. The only exception is if you decide to cancel your membership then you will lose your loyalty points.

Q15: Are loyalty points transferrable?

A15: Loyalty points are intended for the personal use of the member and cannot be transferred to other individuals or between different brands within our portfolio. However, you can redeem your points for products from different brands, provided that these products are available on the same brand website associated with your wine club membership.

Q16: Can I redeem my points on an order where a promotion or promo code is already applied?

A16: Yes, indeed! You’re welcome to apply your loyalty points to purchases even when a promotional code or discount is already in use.

Q17: What happens to my points if I put my membership on hold?

A17: Not to worry – putting your membership on hold doesn’t affect your points. You can continue to accumulate points and will retain any you’ve already earned during the hold period. If you decide to cancel your membership you will lose your loyalty points.

Q18: Can I earn points on club shipments and use points to pay for them?

A18: Yes, you earn points on all club shipments. However, points cannot be used as payment for club shipments.

Q19: Can loyalty points be used for wine tastings?

A19: At this time, loyalty points cannot be redeemed for wine tastings.

Q20: Are loyalty points refunded when a transaction is refunded? What happens if an order is cancelled?

A20: Yes, if a transaction is refunded, any loyalty points used for that transaction will be credited back to your account. Conversely, if an order is cancelled for any reason, the corresponding points earned from that purchase will be deducted from your account. This ensures our loyalty program accurately reflects your spending with us.

Q21: What are the different loyalty tiers, and how can I earn points?

A21: Upon joining, you’re instantly part of our loyalty program. Gold tier members (3-bottle club) earn 3 points per $1 spent, while Platinum tier members (6-bottle club) earn 6 points per $1. It’s our way of saying thank you for your commitment to our club.

Q22: Am I automatically enrolled, how do I sign up for the loyalty program?

A22: By joining either of our wine clubs, you’re automatically enrolled in our loyalty program, ready to start earning points on all your purchases and club shipments.